Wondering where the days have gone!


 I’ve been touch and go here the last few months. Wondering what happened! Life! That’s what happened. 
1) This semester of school is almost over! I had to shift my concentration as I just wasn’t performing any one thing well spread so thin. But I’m still here if ya need me. 
2) Barry’s travel home every 2-3 months didn’t happen due to travel restrictions. I stopped counting down the days until this contracting deployment is over. Why? Well because as with many things COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in some things. Don’t get me wrong we are certainly blessed that Barry was able to stay employed as well as his job gave me the freedom to take some time off from my career in Healthcare and be home during the initial transition to remote learning. However we are ready to see him. So here we are 10 months or so in!!!  Why quit and come home now. We made it this far so let’s just keep on keeping on. He is mentally always going to be part of a mission and you can’t just quit. 
3) Brianna has been eager to do travel softball so we  have been spending a lot of time at practice and lessons these last few months. Please keep her in your prayers that she is strengthened and raised up in confidence to perform her best. 
4) I started back to work. I know I know! Why!  I just needed to fulfill that clinical itch and desperately needed to return to patient care to continue my skills. I absolutely love where I was lead and have been given the opportunity to grow as a nurse. 
5) Now it’s time to regroup again and add running and training back into the mix for self preservation and well I don’t care what they say in 2021 I’m getting back to running! 

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