Pursuing my RN degree after 21 years as a L.P.N.

“Let us never consider ourselves finished nurses. We must be learning all of our

Florence Nightingale
Day 1 orientation

December 12, 2022 officially in orientation class as a STUDENT Registered Nurse!!! The medical field in general especially nursing has evolved since the late 90’s and 2000’s. Practical Nursing school for me was1999 to 2000. Everything is electronic now, including books. Blessedly, I have become accustomed to this new digitalized era from taking my prerequisites these last few years. As I was awaiting my chance for admission into an official program.

I must admit in 2020 when everything was COVID cancelled it never occurred to me the process was so competitive. I truly believe that during these last few years in order for admission to happen growth withing myself needed to occur first.

This has meant stepping away from several passion projects, side hustles, and re prioritizing the main goal on the forefront. My focus shifted and in turn I had to let go of several things that were taking my attention. Therefore, I was able to focus and give my attention to those things that were higher priority. Sadly some things had to slip away for now in the future I may be able to dabble more in a side hustle but for now it’s on the back burner.

Next, after running a full Marathon March 2022 I honestly let go of running. This lead to realizing that as nursing school officially ramps up I will fit small runs into my schedule for self preservation. This may mean that some may or may not see me out on the streets running very soon.

Lastly, but not least with still working, and attending school I am happy to report that I am able to spend my free time with my husband, children and those nearest and dearest to our family.

Admission to the RN transition program was all in God’s timing this I truly believe. Nope it may not have happened when I wanted it to, but it happened when HE wanted it to.

Looking forward to sharing more right here on this journey. Feel free to follow along as I progress through the program. Look for more posts as I share the things that work and didn’t work along the road of returning to nursing school.

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