How to ensure your bra pads end up back in the same bra!

I don’t know about you, but if you’re anything like me I find it so uncomfortable if I don’t put the same bra pads back with the same bra. They just don’t fit right or maybe my boob’s (you’re supposed to laugh here and question why this lady is talking about her boob’s on her first blog post) yes I presume my boob’s are just weird and make marks in bra pads like Birkenstock’s. (insert crazy sideways emoji here)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Bra pads, take them out before washing
  2. Sharpie (black preferably)

Before washing you should label each pad in a manner that will let you know what set of pads go with which bra.

Bra Pads Tip Example:

  • Badj- goes with the black adjustable mesh bra
  • BAS- Black All Star
  • HPS-Hot pink strappy

I have also included the picture to the left for your reference of what it looks like.

Once they are all labeled to what makes the most sense for you to know which pads go with which bra you’ll drop them in the wash with your other activewear. *Remember if it’s Zyia no fabric softener and hang dry.  

Once your items are all done washing you’ll want to just spread them out to dry and then once dry insert back into it’s respective bra.

And there you have it!! Stacey’s bra pad hack!!

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