providing a positive wellness community and inspiration for women to find happiness and comfort within themselves

Mindful2bu community

who is it for?

The community is aimed at anyone who has given up hope on their own wellness journey and by extension, themselves. We inspire, offer hope, and provide positive accountability to women who may have lost sight of self preservation techniques.

what can i find inside?

The Mindful2BU community is filled with amazing women who help uplift each other in wellness. You will be able to find lots of tips and real-life stories with everything from quick and easy meal-prep to fitting workouts into a busy day.


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Behind the scenes

meet Stacey

Stacey has had a passion for encouraging other women to build self-confidence through healthy living. Her own personal wellness journey ended up getting her through the hardest years of her life, after her mother passed away, as it allowed her to experience the healing power of fitness, community, nutrition, and spirituality first hand.

This reignited her passion and desire to help others find health, hope, and healing, just as she did and continues to do. Stacey launched the Mindful2BU community to create a space where people listen and provide tailored advice.

God, Family, Wellness, Positivity, Connection

Stacey’s passion for helping others is present throughout many other areas of her life. She is a Licensed Practical Nurse pursuing her Bachelors in Registered Nursing. Stacey was named one of the 2020 Fayetteville Run Club Ambassadors- a role that goes far beyond just running.

When she is not running half marathons – she adores spending time with family. Stacey is a veteran spouse and a mother to a toddler and a teenager.  As a native Virginia Beach girl to the core she loves the beach and will schedule trips around concert season.

Her commitment to serving others extends to her volunteer efforts and she currently serves as a volunteer at a local church in Sunday School.

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